BodyTalk Access provides you with a 10-minute Health-routine, giving you:

  • Immediate relief for common aches & pain, 

  • Faster recovery from illnesses, injuries, birth, surgery and sports 

  • Gradual improvement to chronic ailments

  • Strengthen your immune

  • Mental clarity and improved posture and movement

This simple set of energy-based techniques makes health maintenance and daily management of health challenges easy. It can be done at your own pace, wherever and whenever.

BodyTalk Access is based on the comprehensive foundation of the BodyTalk System. Learn five of the most powerful BodyTalk techniques along with the Fast Aid routine for emergencies and let them work together as a set to balance the body in general ways.


Empower yourself with the tools to repair, restore and update your system through BodyTalk Access! 

Learn in one day, use for a lifetime


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