'She Moves Me'

I was invited by a friend to attend a dance program with the female led theme in form and experience. In it's small venue, we were taken through thoughtfully crafted and executed movements with some of the underlying messages ranging from the overwhelm at the corporate workplace and head noise (Espresso), to the weight a woman carries (Between Ears not Leg) and the rejection of blind, unwavering loyalty (A re-interpetration of "Radha's Love). All the performances were beautiful and thought provoking. Literally, 'She Move(d) Me'.

"Stories in Our Scars" particularly struck a cord. With the voice overlay of "Scars" and "Perfection" in the music, Joanna Faith Tan, choreographer and performer, weaved, fell, unwrapped herself, sending the message of how we get scarred in the search for perfection, yet through "the wound is the place where the Light enters you" (Rumi).

A sign of healing

“Some people see scars, and it is wounding they remember. To me they are proof of the fact that there is healing.” ― Linda Hogan

Whilst some scars are intentionally created/ obtained as part of a rites of passage or a mark of honour, most people associate scars with ugliness - a taint preferably hidden from view. More so if the wound is slow to heal, is significant in size and heals with a lot of scar tissue.

Give me my inflammation!

The regeneration of new tissue over a wound is a chain reaction and through this process, injured cells attract and recruit other cells to prevent infection and carry out a re-modelling of damaged tissue. Our emotional well-being pre, during and immediately after the infliction wound plays a big role in how well the healing takes place.

Via The Impact of Psychological Stress on Wound Healing: Methods and Mechanisms

Valuing the wounding experience

Months ago, a BodyTalk System instructor shared: "When someone is being a royal pain, turn to them and thank them for the opportunity to be a better person". As counter intuitive as it may sound, putting value on the experience rather than labeling the perpetrator as bad, or the experience as devastating, creates a sense of feeling alive and being connected rather than excluded from life.

"The moment of value-creation makes you feel more vital, engaged, interested, appreciative—in short, more alive; life means more to you at the instant you create value, just as it tends to mean less when you are not creating value. Most positive emotion, passion, meaning, purpose, and conviction come from creating value and most emptiness, aggression, and depression follow failures to create value."

Via The Key to Emotional Healing and Growth (Steven Stony, Ph.D)

it's the same story, just different

So, for those of us with scars, find and reconnect with the story from which those scars came. Be it an accident, surgery, or self harm. Whatever the cause, the story can be turned from grief, anger, frustration, despair or fear into a celebration of life, as a conversation starter, an opportunity for others to heal and our own personal stepping stone to grow.

Get more insights from Scars as a Celebration of Life

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