Laughter - Wherefore art thou?

Kids laughing

Let's talk about laughter... Where did you go? At one point, the older I got, the less of it there was.

Remember that basic guttural sound made from the throat, that sometimes bubbles up from the belly? True laughter relieves tension and makes us come alive. A wisp of it encourages a smile to spread. Long or short, it lightens a tense moment, brings relief in a second and allows us to feel a deeper sense of connection with another person. Little children laugh at the smallest and silliest things and use it to ignite friendships.

In the general equation of being on top of your game, there is the exercise, diet, non-over-indulgence, sleep and mindfulness equation. But what about Laughter? For years, hiding behind personal, unfounded fears of not being good enough and ever the need to perform, there was little ability to laugh at myself and see the lighter side of things. Now, I'm using this as a temperature gauge of how I feel about myself and how I feel about my space. It's never been a better time to Play. It has never been scarier creating my own crazy sandbox, that not many people get but I'm gauging it with how much I laugh at myself and if that is anything to go by, I figure that I'm on the right track.

#Laughter #performance #awareness #LettingGo

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