deeplistening, communication, team dynamics




Ever wondered why despite having the best people, the team is not performing as it should? Ever felt stuck despite having the clearest gameplan and all the right resources?


In the first place, are you having the right conversation?


By working with your unique circumstances (environment, people and structures), I support individuals and groups to get to the right conversation which will lead to you being able to tap into and draw out the unique innate abilities to respond dynamically to existing challenges. 




Listening In

I don't come with preconceived notions of solutions that have worked for others in the past. 

Addressing from the Root

Whether for individuals or for groups, I work with you, through a combination of deeply listening in and coaching, to identify your baseline and what that means against where you want to get.


I don't give people what they want but work with them to identify what they need to get to the right conversation and communication. Established tools such as I-Opt, Structural Dynamics from the Kantor institute and even Bodytalk for Groups are incorporated as needed.